The Moon and Me

Title: The Moon and Me

Author/Illustrator: Anna and Brian Boyter

Age Group: 0-5

Synopsis: A sweet story full of hope and comfort, depicted through a little fox.

The Low Down:

We moved from the States when Bug was just three months old and I worried about how he’d grow up. Even now we have little thought of returning and I am constantly thinking of ways for him to keep connections with those we don’t see every day or even every year. I also worry about whether this vagabond sort of life will hinder his ability to ever truly feel at home. This came mostly to fruition during our most recent move. Bug, who is mostly mild-mannered, began lashing out at the smallest things and having temper tantrums. This only intensified once the movers came and took all our things away. I’d been prepping him for the move ahead but started making adjustments. Reminding him that Mommy and Daddy would always go with him. We were family and family stays together. I said it with difficulty. My father died when I was still young and should something happen to us, heaven forbid, I don’t want him to believe I told him a lie. But in truth those feelings are something that The Moon and Me exemplifies.

The story is based on lines of a song that the author’s father used to sing to her. Following a sweet little fox, the story winds its way through the fox’s feelings. The easily readable expressions vary from apprehension to loneliness in the beginning. Clearly on his first time away from home, the fox worries about being somewhere new. However, he is constantly reminded that the moon is always there creating that invisible bond between him, his home, and his family. By the end he is smiling and playing with his little toy rabbit. While the final pages end with a reassured little fellow snuggling under the covers.

This easy read is prefect for little ones, especially with its lyrical text, The illustrations are sublime using a pen like, hatch texturing. It gives the entire book a handmade feel that stays with the reader until the last page. In addition, the dark coloring really encourages young readers to focus on the bright little fox and the luminescent moon, drawing them farther into the story. The color scheme doesn’t change by the end of the book but there is no doubt that the little fox is now secure, confident, and at ease in his situation. The depth of comfort he derives from the moon’s presence is apparent and truly a magical message to extend to children.

There are few constants in our children’s lives. And unfortunately, we are not one of them. Our time here is short and never guaranteed. By building in constant reminders to our children, we can instill them with a sense of solidarity and consistency, when so many things it their small lives change. To me, my father is the rainbows in the sky. Building beautiful bridges of remembrance and love on rainy days. I can’t see them and not be reminded that I will always carry him in my heart. It is those small constant reminders that we need the most for those dark nights or even rainy days, whether it is the moon or a rainbow.

The Moon and Me takes this a step further and provides the song for readers to sing to their children. Simple and soothing it’s not only easy for parents to learn but for little ones to remember. Already Bug chimes in with the lullabys I use to sing him to sleep and I don’t doubt that The Moon and Me will be added to our favorites. It reminds me of the lyrics to a Billy Joel song: “One day your child may cry, and if you sing this lullaby, then in your heart, there will always be a part of me.” Whether I am encouraging a connection to those back home or laying little hints through Bugs life to remind him I love him, The Moon and Me is truly an invaluable tool and assistant in the construction of these messages of love.

Story Tips:

  1. Reading along with the song (available on the website) is beautiful. If you’re like me you may need a tissue the first time through.
  2. Create your own little love reminder for little ones.

I need more!

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  1. Anna says:

    I have a super fun secret that no one knows except now this comment thread (ha! So don’t tell anyone everybody). Brian and I have been storyboarding another book! Same genre and style – illustrated baby board book – but a little different. We’re learning and growing as artists and I can’t wait to start sharing some initial sketches on Instagram! Thank you so much for posting about our book. It’s truly a piece of my family’s heart and we love sharing it with others.

  2. Tracy says:

    Your post touched my heart. It’s true as parents that we want to be the one thing our children can always count on, but you are right, sometimes that just isn’t possible. We must help them find in themselves the courage to be who they are meant to be built on a foundation of unwavering love so they know always that they are worthy of love. I am looking forward to reading this book for myself. Thanks again.

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