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Perseverance, grit, growth mindset, etc. Anyway you spin it, it's a hot topic right now. And rightfully so. The importance of encouraging effort over ease has been proven to boost self-esteem, confidence, and learning. But even if there were no studies, it just ends up being common sense. How many quotes have you heard along the lines “if at first you don't succeed,” “keep moving forward,” etc.? The overabundance of these sentiments isn't an accident, for it's only through moving beyond our failure that we learn. Instilling our children with a self-growth attitude when faced with a challenge, not only prepares them to learn exponentially but to be ready to face the setbacks that just happen to be a side-effect of life. During June, @kidlitpicks faced the hard work with books that focus on characters that don't give up when the going gets tough (Wendy @homegrownreader)

Books on Perseverance

You know what we realized recently over at #kidlitpicks? We've never made a list of our favorite funny books! I'm talking about the books we can barely read aloud because we're laughing so hard and the books with pictures so ridiculous that we can't help but giggle as we pour over the illustrations. Funny books give everyone a moment in time to be fully together, laughing about what's on the page and leaving the stress or worry of everything else behind. And they're often a good way to address serious issues that are otherwise very difficult to talk about. (Mel @ Lets Talk About Picture Books)

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