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Books have a magical power to transport the reader into any world at any given point in time. We can sit at home and become completely immersed in somebody else's life. Best of all, books help to expand our understanding of different people and cultures as well as ourselves. When we read a story as a child, it becomes a part of our own identity. Reading a diverse range of books exposes children to an array of characters with different perspectives. This helps give children a heart for everyone, thus assisting in developing empathy. (De, @booksandbabycinos)

Embracing Our Differences - December Suggestions

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… A study several years ago by researchers from the Institute of Education in London found that children who receive bedtime stories from their parents as infants perform better in vocabulary and spelling but also in maths. Reading supports numeracy. Books are full of numbers and images for counting. (Kim, @bookbairn)

Counting Up and Down - November Suggestions

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  • Miss Moore Thought Otherwise...

    Title: Miss Moore Thought Otherwise
    Author: Jan Pinborough
    Illustrator: Debby Atwell
    Age Group: 4-8
    Synopsis: Miss Moore didn’t adhere to the same ideas as everyone else. Thank goodness, because libraries wouldn’t be the same without her.

    The Lowdown:
    When I was younger, my mother asked me what I wanted to be …

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  • What Color is a Kiss?...

    Title: What Color is a Kiss?
    Author/Illustrator: Rocio Bonilla
    Age Group: 2-5
    Synopsis: A young girl deals with a dilemma in her art work. What color is a kiss?

    The Lowdown:
    The concept of love is difficult to say the least. We can describe the effects but since it’s not …

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  • Catching Kisses...

    Title: Catching Kisses
    Author: Amy Gibson
    Illustrator: Maria Van Lieshout
    Age Group: 2-5
    Synopsis: Follow kisses as they dance around the USA into your heart.

    The Lowdown:
    Bug and I love dressing up kisses. We blow kisses and chase them around the room to catch them, we swim towards each other …

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