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Gorilla Loves Vanilla Ice Cream Creations

Weekly we have Momma Dates and go into town, most often to a cafe, and have lunch together. Bug is in love with warm milk with foam and likes to giggle when he gets a mustache. Recently we had a Momma Weekend. My husband was out of town and we had the entire weekend to ourselves. It was really too tempting not to have a bunch of fun. One of Bug’s favorite books right now is Gorilla Loves Vanilla and so I based my activities mostly on that. Here’s our ice cream filled Saturday.

Ice Cream Hopscotch:

– Electrical tape or colored masking tape

You honestly don’t need much for this. I made a variation on a traditional hopscotch board by changing the shape. I was also trying to work on Bug’s hopping skills. He can go very well up and down but doesn’t move forward very well. Electrical tape is fine on short carpets but I would used the masking tape on hardwood. We used different colors for the scoops of ice cream and changed the flavor as we jumped on them. You could always add more scoops for older ones.

Ice Cream Paint:

This is a fabulous project but not really something you can keep forever. It’s also very messy. HAVE FUN!

  • Glue
  • Shaving Cream – Foaming kind like Barbasol
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush, Spatula, or spoon

Start with a fifty pence (half- dollar) sized dollop of glue in a small glass bowl. Fill the resting with shaving cream. Mix together. It should resemble whipped cream. Add a SMALL amount of paint in the color desired. You could do food coloring instead but this gave our paint a bit more stability. On a white piece of paper draw a cone for your little one. Bigger ones can draw their own. To apply the paint we tried all sorts of things but found a small spatula the best with a plastic spoon as runner up.

3-ingredient Sticky Fudge Sauce:

The sticky fudge sauce made them all lick their lips.

I hadn’t planned on making this until Bug kept repeating those lines. Finally I did a cupboard dig to see what I could find. I came up with marshmallows, chocolate, and milk. It turned out great and we really were licking our lips.

  • 4 oz chocolate chips
  • .5 oz marshmallows (American, unflavored kind)
  • milk as needed

Add the chocolate chips to a double boiler. You don’t need a big one. As you can see I’ve set mine in a small glass mixing bowl.

Mix the chocolate until it melts.

Once the chocolate has melted add the marshmallows. This may take a while but be patient (5 min tops). Now if your concoction has become a big-chocolately-gooping ball. No worries! Just mix in small dashes of milk (a Tablespoon at a time) until it smooths out. Done! Wasn’t that easy? 

Add sprinkles and ice cream as needed.






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