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Pig and Small

Title: Pig and Small

Author: Alex Latimer

Illustrator: Alex Latimer

Age Group: 1-7

Synopsis: Pig and Bug are not destined to be friends. They can’t ride bikes together or play catch or share clothes but they’re dedication to find common ground ensures that they’ll end up best of friends.



The Low Down:

I love how this story tackles the ever present picture book theme of friendship. Usually the story revolves around making friends but in Pig and Small Pig and Bug have already decided to become friends, they’re just trying to find that common ground that will help their friendship grow. However, this proves to be more difficult than they first expect. Pig likes riding bikes and chess, Bug likes baking and knitting. Obviously, these are things that they can’t enjoy together, due to their physical limitations, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be friends. By thinking creatively they succeed in discovering activities that they can both take part in. That doesn’t mean that they’ll have the perfect friendship, every relationship hits bumps, but their tenacity is lesson that every kid, heck, every adult could learn from.

The illustrations in Pig and Small are adorable and Bug (my Bug) loves finding Bug on each page. He also kept trying to make the squeaking noise that the literary Bug makes. It’s only in the beginning of the book because somehow Pig and Bug figure out how to communicate later in the book. I don’t think that’s a real plot failure though. It could just be revealing that as we get to know someone better we find it easier to communicate with them. I could also be reading way too far into it but I have a feeling that Alex Latimer would appreciate that.

There’s a subtle, quirky humor throughout the book that makes it enjoyable for older readers as well. That’s a definite plus because you’ll be reading it more than once.

Story Tips:

  1. Pig’s nose squeaks at the beginning of the book when Bug is trying to get his attention. My Bug liked to tap his own nose and say, “Squeak!”

I need more!

Check out Alex Latimer at www.alexlatimer.co.za .He’s got some cute looking books like: Lion vs. Rabbit, Never Follow a Dinosaur, The Boy Who Cried Ninja.

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