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Nighty Night Baby Jesus

Title: Nighty Night Baby Jesus

Author/Illustrator: Molly Idle

Age Group: 0-4

Synopsis: The animals in the stable are all fascinated by Baby Jesus and greet him in their own unique way.

The Low Down:

Bug is obsessed with Baby Jesus. We’ve just broached the subject that that is way we’re celebrating Christmas; because we’re getting ready for Jesus’ birthday. We hit a minor road block with this concept. Bug was certain that we were really getting ready for HIS birthday but I think that he understands now. Within the last week, I’ve heard Bug calmly walking around the house or playing while singing “Happy birthday Baby Jesus…” It’s adorable. I’m also super stoked for St. Nicholas day tomorrow because I will be continuing the tradition of giving Bug a holiday book in his shoe. Along with gold coins, of course! This year I’ve scored Molly Idle’s, Nighty Night Baby Jesus, and December 6th can’t get here fast enough.

Molly Idle is a master of illustration. The soft and rounded style that defines Idle’s other illustrations is similarly shown on these pages and the effect is wonderful. It encompasses the joy and love that parents feel at the birth of a child. The wonder, amazement, and adoration. Her Flora series expressively tells stories with no words at all but leaves the reader feeling everything that they should. Nighty Night Baby Jesus doesn’t fall into that same category but doesn’t stray from the spectacular illustrations and story.

The descriptive quatrains that lend a calm, endearing humor to the tale. The descriptions entirely encompass each animal’s unique style and personality when interacting with Baby Jesus. He is beautifully referenced with a mix of titles ranging from Wee Shepard to Baby Boy, gently reminding the reader of not only his destiny but humanity. It’s almost impossible not to “ooh” and “ahh” over his chubby baby toes and sweet sleeping form. And as Idle describes Mary’s interaction with him, I find myself overwhelmed with tears. I’m predicting a new holiday favorite with Nighty Night Baby Jesus. It has everything Bug adores in a book with the Baby Jesus bonus. Can’t get better than that.

Story Tips:

  1. Let your little one grab the corresponding animal as they come up, if you have a nativity scene that’s child friendly.

I need more!

If you haven’t heard of Molly Idle before than you are in for a treat. Check out my review on Camp Rex for more info.

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