Boy + Bot

Title: Boy + Bot

Author: Ame Dyckman

Illustrator: Dan Yaccarino

Age Group: 2-5

Synopsis: A boy and a robot are not the same but despite their amusing differences they can still be friends.

The Low Down:

We’ve really only flirted with robots in our house. We like robots and they are lots of fun, to be sure. But we’re just not really ready for the kind of relationship a full-fledged robot obsession will bring. That being said, every now and then we need a robot fix. Boy + Bot is perfect for that. Full of silliness and an extra bit of heart warming cheer, when paired with it’s delightfully straightforward illustrations it’s a great combination. I’m 

Boy begins the story out in the woods. Then he meets Bot and they begin to play together. However, during their play Bot’s power switch turns him off. Boy isn’t too sure what’s wrong, but he wants to help so he takes him home and treats him like a sick boy. Nothing seems to help so he tucks Bot in for a good night’s rest. When the boy’s parents open the door it reanimates Bot, who is shocked to find the boy soundly asleep. Worried, Bot takes him back to Bot’s home and tries reading him an instruction manual. He is even ready to pull out a spare battery for the boy, when the inventor walks in and stops him. The boy wakes up. They are pleased to see each other and after the boy is returned home plan to play together again the next day.

The story is littered with amusing gaffes, on both sides, that are only made funnier by the illustrations. Yaccarino avoids overly complicated illustrations and his simplicity is extremely accessible to young readers. The way he mirrors the pages as the circumstances change, also allows young readers to easily find the similarities and differences of situation and thus discover the humor. The imaginative ways that he allows the two friends to play adds yet another element of fun.

Boy + Bot delivers a very mild, yet important message through a tapestry of humor. Even though the two friends are vastly different, that doesn’t get in the way of their friendship. Nor should they let it. Delivered in a story cloaked with silliness, this moral is easily digestible for little ones. Fun illustrations, great story, good lesson, and robots? Mission accomplished.

Story Tips:

  1. See if you can spot the endpaper items in the story.

I need more!

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