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Wolfie the Bunny

Title: Wolfie the Bunny

Author: Ame Dyckman

Illustrator: Zachariah OHora

Age Group: 2-5

Synopsis: Dot is convinced that the baby wolf her bunny family’s adopted will eat them all up.

The Low Down:

It’s hard to walk past Wolfie the Bunny and not want to pick it up. So, when I was shelving books at the library a few weeks ago, the urge to bring it home was overpowering. With ridiculously sweet illustrations and a heart warming story to boot, we not only laughed while reading this but also ended the stories with hugs.

As per the title, the story revolves around Wolfie, a baby wolf discovered on the doorstep of the Bunny family. Mama and Papa are instantly taken with this adorable sweetie but Dot isn’t fooled for a second. So, while her parents coo over how well Wolfie eats, sleeps, and even drools, Dot keeps reminding them that Wolfie will eventually eat them all up. This doesn’t deter Wolfie from wanting to follow Dot everywhere (like most younger siblings). Wolfie continues to grow though and begins to eat an ever increasing amount of carrots. So to replenish the family carrot supply, Dot and Wolfie head to the local co-op with Dot keeping a close eye on Wolfie, of course. However, Wolfie is confused for a bunny (he is wearing a bunny-onesie, complete with a hood) by a hungry neighborhood bear. When the bear prepares to gobble up Wolfie, Dot steps up to defend him, taking on the bear with her spunk, wit, and bravery. The story ends with siblings that are now closer than ever. Near death experiences will do that.

Zachariah OHora provides illustrations that meld beautifully with this piece, giving it an eclectic vintage vibe. The settings are inspired by a place he once lived in New York and the small details really make the life Wolfie and Dot live real. My favorite of it all has to be Wolfie though. With his textured fur, constant drool, and three dopey but adorably rounded teeth, he’s truly sweet as opposed to scary. Everything from the colors to the concept was obviously well thought out because it all comes together beautifully.

Bug’s first response was to tell me, “I don’t like this book.” Which honestly shocked me, as we’d spent the last ten-fifteen minutes laughing and enjoying it. However, the next day he pulled it back out, and the next, and eventually I was renewing it from the library. We went on a long road trip this last month and during that time I decided a travel pillow would be a good idea for him. I found some cute ideas but while sifting through my fabric supply I hit upon a gem of an idea. And so Bug now is the proud owner of a Wolfie neck pillow. Wolfie barely made it to the car, instead being dragged around the house, read the story in which he was featured, and generally treated like a member of the family. One who wasn’t planning on eating us all up.

Story Tips:

  1. Bug loved being in charge of the line “He’s going to eat us all up!” This not only left awesome giggles in its wake but also included him in the story.
  2. I’ll post the tutorial for your own Wolfie travel pillow soon! Keep an eye out!

I need more!

Are you in luck! Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora have also teamed up for Horrible Bear. Dyckman also worked with the ever-fabulous K.G. Campbell on Tea Party Rules and has a new book You Don’t Want a Unicorn out February 2017. This pile of gems is topped off with the fabulous Boy + Bot. Check out her website for more info: http://www.amedyckman.com

Zachariah OHora has a plethora of titles to his name, as well. Featuring: If Your Monster Won’t Go to Bed, No Fits, Nilson!, and Stop Snoring, Bernard!. Honestly, I’ve being eyeing The Not so Quiet Library for awhile and really need to get my hands on it. His website is: http://www.zohora.com

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Wolfie the Bunny

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