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When I Grow Up – Guest Post from Kim @ BookBairn

Title: When I Grow Up

Author: Tim Minchin

Illustrator: Steve Antony

Age Group: 0-grown ups!

Synopsis: Based on the song from the Matilda musical, this is a lyrical poem about all the things a child dreams they will be when they grow up.


What will you be baby when you grow up? Will you climb trees? Ask and answer all the questions? Eat sweets every day? Go to bed late every night? This delightful poem tells of all the dreams little children have of when they grow up. Of eating sweets all day and watching cartoons until their eyes turn square. But also of being strong enough to carry all the heavy things, of being brave enough to fight the creatures underneath your bed. It is a poignant reminder to embrace all the little things that as a grown up we take for granted. The illustrations are packed full of wonderful details that your toddler will love to look at as your nestle baby in your arms.

This is not so much a book for babies as it is a book for us grown ups to remind us to play, eat sweets, enjoy the little things. And as a new (again!) mum I thought it would be a great read for you to share with your little ones. Because I know you will read wonderful books to your newborn: black and white ones, ones full of song, you will make storytime a joy – because you already do!

But I wanted to share a book that you will love, that will remind you to take care of yourself – it’s hard work being a mummy and it’s ok to stop and remind yourself to embrace the littleness of your children. They will grow up too fast! So eat all the sweets with them. Stay up late with them. Play games with them. Watch them sleeping. Marvel at the beauty of their tiny toes. And when they sleep: rest and read a good grown up book!

And when your toddler asks you to read this one again and again you can pop the song on YouTube and have a hot cup of tea whilst it does the reading for you!


Kim’s book obsession is documented on her family’s reading blog: www.bookbairn.com 

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Kim lives in Scotland with her daughter, nicknamed BookBairn, son, nicknamed The Wee Page Turner, husband and much-adored pet rabbit. She has always enjoyed reading books, a passion inherited from her librarian-mother, and hopes to pass on this love of books to her little bookbairns. A teacher on career-break to spend more time with the bairns, she is passionate about baby-led reading where little ones have free to reign to choose what they read and make mountains of book mess throughout the house.

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