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Room for Bear

Title: Room for Bear

Author/Illustrator: Ciara Gavin

Age Group: 2-5

Synopsis: Bear and the ducks are a family but their differences make it hard for them to live in the same home. Will they ever find a place where everyone is comfortable?

The Low Down:

This book is just so pea-picking cute, as my cousins would say. I love the enchantingly adorable illustrations and will never be able to get enough of the tried and true story about finding where a place where you can belong.

The story begins by introducing us to Bear and the ducks. They’ve somehow entered into this strange sort of familial relationship that isn’t explained but truly doesn’t mater because what is apparent is how much they love each other. Although, all the love in the world is not going to make Bear be able to fit into the ducks’ home. They go in search of somewhere that they can all feel comfortable and find that if it isn’t too small, it’s too drafty. It’s only when Bear puts his mind to it through that he discovers a solution for them all, that includes everyone. The story introduces the topics of problem-solving, inclusion, and friendship in an easily digestible and sweet manner.

Gavin illuminates this story with some beautifully drawn illustrations, utilizing watercolor and pencil. Her pages carry a great amount of vibrancy though that can sometimes be lost in watercolors. However, Gavin seems to capture that vibrancy and deliver it directly to her readers through the heart-warming characters she’s created. Her characters are absolutely adorable with their expressive faces. Each duck seems to have their own attitude and watching them all interact is charming and amusing for young and older readers.

Story Tips:

  1. Make sure you keep an eye on all the ducks. They’re always up to something fabulous.
  2. Ask your little ones if they can think of a solution that the ducks and Bear might use.

I need more!

There are two additional books about Bear entitled: Bear Likes Jam and Bear is not Tired. For more info about Ciara Gavin check out her website: http://www.ciaragavin.com/books .

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Room for Bear

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