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Title: Roadwork

Author: Sally Sutton

Illustrator: Brian Lovelock

Age Group: 1-5

Synopsis: A rhyming step-by-step explanation of how a road is built that speaks to little truck lovers.

The Low Down:

I’ve spoken before about how enamored Bug is with motorized vehicles. Walking by construction sites almost guarantees an additional 15 minute stop. And so when someone suggested we check out Roadwork I jumped at it. We’ve enjoyed this interesting read quite a bit but Bug loved it best of all (no surprise there).

The lyrical text was easy to read but we loved even more that we could put it to song. We seem to sing constantly, whether it’s an actual song or something silly we’ve made up at the spur of the moment. Either way new songs are always welcome and the stories that we can take with us wherever we go even better. Each page describes the long process it takes to make roads and each of the jobs that must be completed. Bug loves the three onomatopoeic words that end each verse.

The illustrations seem to simplify the complicated machines and comprises a long process into story length. They’re bright and clear and provide just the right amount of action to keep little ones interested. Lovelock does an amazing job of using different textures and colors to really bring to life a site that can be dominated by browns, greys, and yellows. It all has subtle vibrancy that only seems to enhance Bug’s enthusiasm for this topic. This won’t be something that will make it’s home permanently on our bookshelf but we’ll definitely enjoy picking it up at the library. And of course, singing it when the mood so takes us.​

Story Tips:

  1. If you need help coming up with a tune for the words check out our video.

I need more!

Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock have a whole series of books together. The titles include Demolition, Construction, and Ambulance!Ambulance! For more books by Sutton check out: http://www.sallysutton.co.nz and for more books illustrated by Brian Lovelock keep an eye on Amazon.

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