Friendly Day

Title: Friendly Day

Author: Mij Kelly

Illustrator: Charles Fuge

Age Group: 1-6

Synopsis: In an effort to escape a cat, Mouse creates an event that will change the feelings and actions of everyone around him.

The Low Down:

I love rhyming almost as much as I love alliteration. And anyone who’s read my blog before knows that I can’t get enough of silliness and a good message. With imaginative, vibrant, and exciting illustrations as well as an excellent message, Friendly Day really makes itself a very attractive read. And I anticipate reading it again and again and again, as soon as someone (you know who you are!) returns it to the library. The concept that is so accessibly displayed is heart warming and the illustrations that bring it all to life engaging.

The story begins in a typical fashion with a cat catching a mouse for his meal. The mouse, being extremely clever, tells the cat that since it’s Friendly Day that he should let him go. The cat is confused until the mouse explains that Friendly Day is a day when everyone does nice things for each other, no matter who that person is. Cat loves the idea so much he tells Dog and together they spread the word. It’s not until Bear informs them that such a thing does not exist that their hopes are dashed. Undeterred, they decide to create such a day in an effort to have a least one day of harmony in the world.

In a truly amusing fashion Kelly makes the plot goofy enough to keep children easily engaged and still manages to make the message she’s trying to deliver easily absorbed. The plot matures as the story develops with even the mouse, who made the whole thing up, wishing that such a thing existed. It then expands even further. with the ability of Cat and Dog overcoming disappointment and displaying enviable determination in order to make this dream a reality. Each page is partnered with adorable illustrations that not only tempt a smile but succeed in drawing forth a chuckle. By far, my favorite had to be Cat and Dog SCUBA diving in order to speak to a whale. It was closely followed by a relaxing scene depicting a tiger enjoy a treat provided by parakeets (no, not the parakeets themselves) and a rhino knitting with kittens.

By the end of the book I was completely in agreement with Cat and Dog and wanted Friendly Day to be real. I loved seeing life altering scenes of friendship but also enjoyed the absolute feeling of good cheer that seems to emanate from the pages. Friendly Day is the perfect conclusion to our kindness overload this week. It is the message that kindness not only makes others happy but can radiate and multiple deep in our souls, making us happy.  May you each have a friendly, happy, kind day.

Story Tips:

  1. Come up with your own friendly day pairings!

I need more!

Mij Kelly has a great number of books she’s written. The newest looks super sweet and is entitled: Love Matter Most. Her website seems a bit out-of-date so I’d use Amazon or Google when looking for more books by her.

Charles Fuge has a similarly gorgeous array of titles that he’s illustrated. Gilbert the Great, about a great white shark, looks amazing and I’ve added it to my list of titles to look out for. His Facebook page is relatively up-to-date but I’d use Amazon and Google again to check out previous projects.

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