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Title: Ernest

Author/Illustrator: Catherine Rayner

Age Group: 2-6

Synopsis: Ernest wants to fit into this book. He’s determined and creative but will that be enough?

The Low Down:

This is our second Catherine Rayner book. We have the lovely story Posy that just emanates sweetness and innocence through fabulous illustrations. We love it. So naturally when I saw Ernest, I had to pick it up. It would be hard not to, even if I’d never heard of Catherine Rayner before. With Ernest’s honest and adorable face peering out from the book, he seems to look straight at the reader and very easily coaxes a smile.

There’s so much to love about Ernest. Rayner introduces him very simply and clearly states the problem within the first couple pages. Bug laughed as we read about Ernest’s difficulty and watched him try to wiggle, squish, and worm his way onto the pages of the book. When we realized that Ernest wasn’t going to make it, Bug sympathetically pet the top of his large head. In the last pages, when Ernest and his little friend find such a dynamically unique solution we cheered and Bug took great pleasure in unfolding the last page again and again.

I’ve seen books that have flaps but never one that unfolds to double the size of the book. Even without this interactive feature, it would be a great story about tenacity, creativity, and friendship. Rayner does a great job with the illustrations, mixing realistic characteristics with more traditional illustrations. It’s a perfect combination that will definitely have us coming back again.

Story Tips:

  1. Bug was a bit confused as to what a moose actually is. Check out YouTube for some cute moose videos to help supplement how big there creatures actually are.

I need more!

As I said we also love Catherine Rayner’s Posy we also really enjoyed Sylvia and Bird which is a great story about friendship. Her most recent book was Solomon and Mortimer about two crocodiles. If you need anymore information about her, her website is fabulous and current: http://www.catherinerayner.co.uk

Add to my library:

Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit




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