Boot and Shoe

Title: Boot and Shoe

Author/Illustrator: Marla Frazee

Age Group: 2-5

Synopsis: These two friends suffer from a silly and confusing turn of events that proves how much they really mean to each other.

The Low Down:

We can always appreciate a silly book. With a title like Boot and Shoe that’s exactly what we got. Every aspect of a typical dog’s life becomes fodder for amusement during the story and when paired with a slapstick-style comedy routine this book full of coincidental misunderstandings makes for a great read, especially with little ones. But Marla Frazee also delivers a spectacular way for Bug to practice his reading skills. With a repetitive story-telling style, Bug was very easily able to jump in and increase his exposure to new words and his confidence in reading.

Boot and Shoe have been together since they were puppies. While they enjoy doing most things together, they have their own interests as well. Boot likes to lounge about on the back porch all day and Shoe enjoys hanging out on the front porch. However, their blissful Utopia is upset when a mischievous squirrel lures them both away from their perches. A barking extravaganza full of confusion leaves them both winded and on the opposite porch. Boot waits for Shoe and Shoe waits for Boot. They are both worried about the other. They even check the opposite porch but at the same time. After a long miserable evening they are reunited when they meet at their favorite bathroom spot.

Frazee perfectly captures the essence of all the characters involved adding just a little more amusement to the entire thing. And when the squirrel goads both dogs off their preferred perch in favor of a barking spree, the two-page spread perfectly captures the ensuing confusion. The squirrels trail is easy to spot as hundreds of tiny squirrels scramble about the page: over roofs, under bushes, through railings. The dogs are similarly depicted but it is only the slight difference between the two (short black feet for Shoe and tall black feet for Boot) that allows the reader to sometimes distinguish which dog is which. The rest of the book is done with mirror sort of illustrations that allows young readers to easily follow along with the plot and assists them with the overall storytelling.

This was a favorite reread while we had it on loan from the library and one that we’ll definitely pick up again. Easily accessible for young ones and really stinking cute in execution, Frazee hit the nail on the head with this one. Bug loved helping me read it although it has negatively colored his idea of squirrels.

Story Tips:

  1. Boot has completely black legs while Shoe has only black feet.

I need more!

Marla Frazee’s The Farmer and the Clown is also ridiculously sweet but tugs a bit more on the heart-strings. However, I think her most popular book is Boss Baby. Check out more of her titles here:

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