Blue Chameleon

Title: Chameleon

Author/Illustrator: Emily Gravett

Age Group: 0-4

Synopsis: A color book that follows a lonely chameleon tries to fit in, in order to make friends.

The Low Down:

We love Emily Gravett and surprisingly, chameleons. Although how could you not like chameleons? They’re so cool. That being said, this book was a perfect find. Bug loved the silly illustrations and naming the colors, while I loved the message it presented.

The chameleon tries through out the entire story to fit in. He wants a friend but even as he changes more and more of his colors and contorts his body to fit with the requirements of his new “friends” he finds that he’s unaccepted. Of course, this may also be because he’s trying to befriend socks, a banana, and cockatoos (which, let’s admit, are super judgey). He’s given up and in despair changes himself to be as white as the page. The only way you can see him is to feel him at this point, by running your fingers over the paper. It’s at this lowest of lows that someone reaches out to him. Another chameleon that doesn’t require him to change his color but just to be himself.

Emily Gravett displays the story in a fun and quirky manner that can’t fail to impress as you watch the chameleon cleverly conform to the new friends he meets. It’s a very gentle way to teach or remind children that we shouldn’t need to change for those around us. If people are unwilling to accept you as you are then they’re not very good friends. It’s a lesson that we still need as adults sometimes and delivered by this humorous reptile it makes for a very easy lesson to accept.

Story Tips:

  1. This is a great time to be silly and practice colors. You can also go back and come up with your own adjectives to describe each item.
  2. Decorating your own chameleon afterwords would be an awesome idea. Stay tuned for our chameleons in crafty corner.

I need more!

If you haven’t read Emily Gravett’s Tidy, then I’d make that a priority. It’s absolutely phenomenal and a great book to illustrate effects on the environment. Tidy isn’t the end of her list though, she has gem after gem of fabulous books filled with gorgeous illustrations. I’d search for her on Amazon or Google as her website is publisher run and not the easiest to navigate if you’re book browsing. We also LOVE Apple, Orange, Pear, Bear.

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