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Orange Pear Apple Bear

Title: Orange Pear Apple Bear

Author: Emily Gravett

Illustrator: Emily Gravett

Age Group: 0-3

Synopsis: A silly but endearing bear getting three of his daily five servings of fruit.



The Low Down:

img_3717.jpgBug likes fruit. However, he’s not always adventurous. He’s more of a classics apples and oranges kind of kid. Sure he’ll have the odd mango, kiwi, or pomegranate but he point blank refuses papaya. I wasn’t too surprise that he took so quickly to Orange Pear Apple Bear because his own book would probably be titled: Pear Orange Apple Bug (pears makes everything else irrelevant).


Emily Graven has taken these four words and made a sweet story about a bear and his afternoon snack. It’s amazing how just the different order of the produce and the soft watercolors can be so appealing. We laughed as the bear juggled the fruit in different orders and when there was no fruit but a bear who looked very similar to a pear. Bug’s favorite part was at the end when the bear gives up playing with his food and eats it all up. Although it might be because that’s his favorite thing about fruit too.

Story Tips:

  1. Reading this story with a pear, apple, and orange readily available makes it ten times more fun. If you can juggle give yourself a gold star. I can’t and had to settle for silver.

I need more!

If you haven’t read Emily Gravett’s Tidy, then I’d make that a priority. It’s absolutely phenomenal and a great book to illustrate effects on the environment. Tidy isn’t the end of her list though, she has gem after gem of fabulous books filled with gorgeous illustrations. I’d search for her on Amazon or Google as her website is publisher run and not the easiest to navigate is you’re book browsing.

Add to my library:

UK Amazon:Orange Pear Apple Bear (Classic Board Books)

US Amazon:Orange Pear Apple Bear (Classic Board Books)





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