Title: Alphamals

Author/Illustrator: Graham Carter

Age Group: 2-6

Synopsis: A decadent alphabet book that will have readers oohing and ahhing over expertly executed animals.

The Lowdown:

I almost dread saying this but I hate alphabet books. When Bug brings them to me to read, all I see is at least 26 pages of no plot. It kills me. I slog through but honestly, I’m so glad that he’s reading on his own now so his interest in them has waned. That being said, I could read Alphamals everyday. It was at our house for a month, constantly renewed as to avoid that heart wrenching day when it went back to the library. With stunning illustrations and delightful text, it made reading a alphabet book a joy verses a chore.

I’m not going to explain the course of this book in too much detail. It doesn’t do anything crazy dramatic like throw X between L and M. The text that accompanies each animals is thoughtful, informative, and poetic. It gives information passively and in a way that melds beautifully with the illustrations. They also address lesser known animals such as the Urial. I have to admit for a second I thought it was made-up. It prompted a Google search and a bit more research. This is another indication of how perfect this book is. Anything that promotes readers to learn more and actively seek out more information makes me want to sing.

Speaking of singing, these illustrations! Holy Smokes! Bug and I poured over page after page, soaking in the beauty that bring these pages to life. Some pieces have the tiniest details as if they’re geometric lace, while other pages have chunky sides paired with sharp edges. The results are animals that are identifiable but unique. They have their own vibe and it’s a vibe that’s hip and amazing. I want to have these illustrations on my kids’ walls. Blown up in all their glory.

I was a bit skeptical when I first saw Alphamals. It’s not a new idea. There are plenty of books out there with “A for Ant, B for Bear, etc.” However, Graham Carter takes a new approach to this classic idea. From the animals he chooses, to the way he portrays them to the brief descriptive text, to each piece bring a stunningly unique flair to such a worn down idea. This breath of fresh air gives the alphabet book genre new life.

Story Tips:

  1. Look up more info about these amazing animals

I need more!

Graham Carter unfortunately only has this book out. But find out more about him and his art here:

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